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G1 Activation bypasses Option 1:
All you really need to do is beg, steal or borrow an active T-Mobile Sim Card with data plan and slip it in the phone for the duration of the setup process (it should only take a few minutes). Once you've enabled WiFi you can go back to your old Sim Card.


G1 Activation bypasses Option 2:
Before you start, you need to contact your provider’s/carriers for APN Settings
Hope your carrier APN is listed here:
   1. Purchase the unlock code for your G1.
   2. Insert an unauthorized Sim Card and turn ON your phone.
   3. Enter Unlock Code.
   4. The phone will tell you to touch the Android after which you need to setup up a new Gmail account or sign in with an existing Gmail account. This is the activation process and it will of course fail since we are not using a T-Mobile Sim Card in the G1.  Move on to step 5.
   5. After the activation failed, pressed try again which took it back to the screen where you needed to enter the Gmail account and password. This time instead of providing the information, press the Menu button on the phone. A nice little pop up will appear for APN Settings. Select it.
   6. Now you have a list of carrier APNs showing and they are all T-mobile. Select one and you will see all the Settings for that APN. From here you can either press menu to add a new APN or edit the settings for the existing one you are viewing. I chose to edit the existing one since you don’t need it.
   7. Here is the trick. You need to enter your carriers APN Settings, when you create a new APN or edit an existing one. If you don’t know the APN Settings, you may need to call your carrier and ask them for the APN settings.
   8. You have now entered in your carrier APN settings. Thereafter, hit the Menu button and select Save.
   9. Press the back button on your phone until you get back to the sign in or create Gmail account. Follow the steps. This time assuming you have entered in the correct APN settings for your carrier instead of the "There is a problem communicating with the Google servers" error you will get a nice signed in screen.
Congratulation! Your Android phone is now unlocked and activated running on the network of your choice. You should be able to use all the phone's features and be totally good to go.
Verizon Storm "Activation Required" Removing procedure.
   1. On the main screen of the phone, press ##000000 then send.
   2. For the Mobile Directory Number, put in your phone number in.
   3. After you done that, press the menu button to save the options and the phone will automatically restart.

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