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Frequent Questions and Answers:


Q: What is Sim PIN? A: Sim PIN (Personal Identity Number) is a 4-8 digits security pass-code you set on your Sim card.  SIM PIN is NOT the unlock code we give you.
Q: If I cannot remember my Sim PIN, how can I get the Sim PIN? A: If you enter too many attempts with the wrong Sim PIN, your phone will locked and ask for PUK code.  You could contact your Sim Card provider for the PUK code that will unblock your Sim PIN.

Q: What is PUK? A: PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) is a pass-code use to unblock your Sim Card and phone.
Q: Why does my phone ask for a PUK code? A: When you setup a security pass-code on your Sim Card and if someone try to enter the wrong pass-code to many times.  Your phone will locked and request a PUK code.
Q: Where and how do I get a PUK code? A: PUK code is a network code on your Sim Card.  Contact your Sim Card Provider for the PUK code.
Q: What is an authorized and unauthorized Sim Card? A: Authorize Sim Card is a Sim Card that come with the original phone.  Example: at&t Sim Card is authorize Sim Card for at&t phone.  Via versa; a T-Mobile Sim Card is an unauthorized Sim Card for at&t phone.


Q: How to obtain IMEI for Verizon HTC? A: Follow the following direction:
   1. Start>Settings>Phone> Networks
   2. Change from Global to GSM only.
   3. Go back to the home screen.
   4. Type *#06# and Call key.

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