At GSMUNLOCKUSA.COM, our commitment revolves around fostering transparency and clarity in every interaction with our customers. Before initiating an order on our website, we urge you to carefully peruse the following comprehensive terms and conditions. If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to us for further clarification.

The solutions, prices, and delivery times showcased on GSMUNLOCKUSA.COM represent the diverse array of services we offer. Customers choose our services for unlocking phones, and we neither endorse nor recommend specific choices for unlocking. Only eligible devices will be unlocked.

Upon the submission of an order into the system, it undergoes an automatic processing stage. Unfortunately, orders cannot be canceled for any reason (e.g., processed by another source, loss of device, damage, etc.). It is imperative to wait within the expected processing time of the service. The processing time is an estimate based on business days, with the majority of services processed over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). However, our estimates are exclusively provided based on business days.

It is your responsibility to ensure the accurate submission of your phone's IMEI/MEID/Serial number and/or Network when placing an order. Refunds will not be issued for incorrect information. Please meticulously double-check all details before clicking the "Place Order" button. If you believe you have provided accurate information, we may request a picture or video as proof.

We commit to dispatching your ordered item(s) to the email or confirmed physical address provided on the order form. While we strive for punctual delivery, specific time frames are not guaranteed. Time-sensitive orders placed outside business hours will be processed on the subsequent business day.

Permanent unlocking is guaranteed only if specific criteria are met. This includes accurate IMEI/MEID/Serial and Network information, adherence to provided instructions, a phone not reported as blacklisted/lost/stolen, and no prior unsuccessful unlock attempts.

We disclaim responsibility for any damages incurred to your phone during the unlocking process. Unlocking procedures are undertaken at your own risk post-service delivery. Full payment is requisite before processing delivery.
Our unlocking service is official and ensures permanent unlocking. However, after unlocking, if the phone is used in violation of any serious regulations, it may relock. While this occurrence is rare, we do not guarantee against such cases.

GSMUNLOCKUSA.COM is not liable for delivery defaults due to circumstances beyond our control, such as Acts of God, war, civil unrest, server issues, or other force majeure events.

Prices listed on our site are final, and full payment must be rendered before service provision. We accept PayPal, Crypto, Moneybookers, Western Union, Bank Transfer, and major credit cards.


In the event that our unlocking solution is unsuccessful, we may request confirmation of the accuracy of the provided information. Refund requests will not be accepted once the processing has started. Refunds (in the form of credits for your next order, no payment refund) will only be issued if we cannot provide a solution for your phone. Additional evidence, such as sending the physical phone or providing a video of the unlocking attempt, may be required to support your claim.

Please be aware that all credits are non-expirable and non-refundable.

For any inquiries regarding our refund policy, please feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you.